Camp Nerd Foundation

The Camp Nerd Foundation was started in the spring of 2016. It began as a YouTube channel to help individuals in learning about different aspects of Technology. Today the channel is still showing tutorials on technology and how to keep up with them. In the Fall of 2016, Founder and CEO of Massey Merchandise, LLC., began teaching individuals in his shop about maintenance and tips on how to keep a healthy computer.

In the Fall of 2017, there was a segment added that teaches people how to build desktops. Whether it is a budget friendly or high end gaming desktop. CEO, Ian Massey, started teaching individuals of all ages who were interested in technology. He teaches them a career, that they can pursue in the technology field.

In the beginning of 2018, Massey Merchandise, LLC., has expanded to help schools with their technology and office needs. We see several families struggle to get school supplies in the class rooms. Massey Merchandise, LLC., is taking the initiative to take 10% of all revenue Massey Merchandise, LLC., has profited on sales and the end of the Third Quarter of the year (April – May), and with the donations that are given, will pick a school at random, and supply them with everything they need for a Computer Lab. Whether its new equipment, upgrades and/or starting an expansion of a computer lab.

Most schools start in early August of each year, and Massey Merchandise, LLC., will help to make technology available for the next generation. Education is important to our younger generation. In the future, we will need this younger generation to be able to service their community in the next 20 years to come. Technology is becoming a big part of our life. Think of the many services that can be provided to the community.

When a computer breaks down, or needs an upgrade, who are you gonna call? The computer technician that will be the same one that fixes your car. This what the Camp Nerd Foundation is all about. Helping individuals begin a career. If you would like to help the Camp Nerd Foundation, you can by clicking on the donation button below and choose the amount you would like to give. If you do not want give any funds, but still want to help you can. Do you have old electronics laying around? You can donate them and we use those donations to help individuals diagnose problems within the electronics itself. This is a good way for hands on experience.






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