Repairing Your Product

Electronics and computers is a vital component to everyday life. Keeping and Maintaining a healthy computer is always necessary to keep up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Massey Merchandise, LLC., knows the struggle of finding a good Repair Technician. So we have expanded our operation and have begun to offer are repair services Nationally. What we have is a 3 tier warranty that gets you covered up to 5 years.

Whether its tune-ups or maintenance. We are offering our services to help individuals and businesses alike with repairs. We have three distinctive warranty plans to choose from.

  1. The One Year Standard Warranty.
  2. The Three Year Advance Warranty
  3. The Five Year Deluxe Warranty

When it comes to repairs each warranty offers different levels of coverage. You can click the button below to see what each warranty covers. If you purchase a warranty, once the warranty is delivered, you can use at any time within that specified warranty length. Just fill out the warranty card, mail it back in to Massey Merchandise, LLC. If you ever need coverage then you can contact us and we will get you setup with a repair. Repairs usually take two weeks from the time you send the product to us, to delivery back to your home.


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* All warranty deals have a customer code that is issued with each purchase. Warranties are valid for the term of that warranty length. Warranties will be mailed to you. The use of the warranty is valid one year after purchase. Some restrictions may apply. If you have any questions please contact us.

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